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Recently we completed a website build for our clients Sports X Consulting, an international sports recruitment firm who provide a broad range of technology, talent, and commercial consulting services. The intention was to develop a fresh, updated version of the Sports X website.

The entire project was client-led, we were constantly relaying changes and getting feedback from the team at Sports X. All of this was to ensure we were heading in the right direction. The website needed to be functional and easy to update and maintain; this influenced our choice of WordPress theme. Keeping this in mind, we made sure that the website was structured in an accessible/easy to read manner within the CMS.

The new website provides a consistent narrative throughout, which helps to keep the visitor engaged and interested. One of the requirements of the brief was to ensure that it was clear to the visitor who Sports X are, and what it is they offer. We achieved this by separating their core services into different subpages; this allows the visitor to digest this information easily without being overwhelmed.

Features such as the “Our Team” and “The Commentary box” pages allowed us to demonstrate Sport X’s personality and help build a rapport with their audience. Finally, the “Contact” form provides a call to action that delivers results straight in to the company inbox, allowing for a seamless enquiry process.

We’re delighted with how the website turned out. If you would like to review your current website or discuss a new build, let us know!

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