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Starting a business is the most exciting, terrifying and rewarding career decision you can make. Since I launched OVM in December I have had the pleasure of onboarding a number of new clients who have given to me as much as I have been able to give to them.

For those also starting out, here are some key takeaways I have learned so far on this short journey:

Every conversation has value – It doesn’t matter if it’s five minutes with someone who will never work with you, everyone has something to teach you. Don’t go in to a call with the sole purpose of selling your business; exchange knowledge and build relationships, business can come later.

Don’t let the highs be too high, or the lows be too low – Something I learned quickly is that each week building a business will bring moments of ecstasy and moments of despair. Keep yourself balanced by not getting too carried away when you get a win, or too down when things are looking bleak, your world can change again in the space of a phone call.

Stay true to you – A cliché, but you’ve spent time developing your brand and your business values, don’t sell yourself out and change those principles because you worry it might not be working. One of my favourite moments so far was hearing from a new client that it was my brand and style that got me over the line. Always adapt and evolve but at the end of the day, back yourself and stick to your guns.

Invest in the business – Software like CMS have made my life significantly easier, and investing in the right software has allowed me to save valuable time, which I can spend with clients and on business development. Just investing in a new laptop at the very beginning changed my world! It might feel hard to justify, but if you focus on tools that can help you and your clients, it really makes up for your lack of resources.

Document everything – Start a personal vlog, write a blog, take photos that you never share, do something that you can look back on in years to come and remember how this journey began.

I’d like to thank our clients and partners for the last few months, we are ramping up for a very exciting summer and I can’t wait to share even more success with you all.

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