“You have to unmute yourself! – The Christmas Party Zoom”

It’s been a strange year of ‘unprecedented times’, socially distanced meet-ups, and of course… the iconic zoom call.

And it’ll be something that many of us may experience this week – the “Zoom Christmas party”. Businesses forget that marketing is equally about how you portray yourself to internal stakeholders as well as your customers, so this year it’s out with the work disco and in with the dining room party.

If you’re looking for some last minute ideas, here are a few fun games I’ve seen that can liven up the awkward video calls:


The Quiz

Quizzes have been a huge part of 2020 and if you haven’t yet done one, where have you been?! We may all know what the tallest building in the world is now, or the year that Toy Story 1 came out, but you can’t go wrong with a Christmas quiz. Why not make it more personal to the people on the call and see how much you’ve all learnt from each other after getting a sneak peak in to people’s lives working from home?  What type of cat does Becky have? What does Jake have a photo of on his wall?


Holiday Bingo

A Christmas variation of another popular Zoom game, there are plenty of virtual cards you can get made – or easily make yourself on word. You can include things like ‘yet to finish Christmas shopping’ – which would be a big tick for me! It’s just another nice way to give away some prizes and raise spirits within the team.


Virtual Scavenger Hunt

My favourite of the Zoom games, you produce a list of items that the group need to find in their house. Try asking for something green, or a musical instrument, and watch the chaos unfold. And it’s a must that forfeits are given to the last person to return to their seats – and after the wine’s started flowing you wouldn’t believe how hard it can get!


The Playlist

How many of your awkward Zoom silences this year could have been nicely broken by some good old Mariah Carey? Set the mood and use music to your advantage to create some of the atmosphere we are all desperately craving. Take this one step further with some Christmas karaoke!


It may not be the perfect way we wanted to celebrate everyone’s achievements at work following one of the most difficult years, but having a little fun with our colleagues to finish the year off can really solidify the hard work that everyone’s put in.

And it may feel like an inconvenience to some, but this time of year can be tough for many, so keep in mind that something as small as a video call can make a huge difference.


Merry Christmas everyone.


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