9 November 2020 Oceanview Marketing

It is vitally important when collaborating with a brand to understand their values and philosophies. For those of you reading who may be interested in marketing support, we want to give you a little insight in to Ocean View Marketing and what makes us tick.

Our philosophy is based on a few key principles:

Marketing is about relationships – By definition marketing is the art of building relationships with your consumers, clients and stakeholders. This includes your relationships within your own business. Our objective is to help you identify opportunities to grow and nurture those relationships in a sustainable manner.

Marketing is like boxing – If you want to win a boxing match, you can’t always throw knock out punches. The skill is in using jabs and footwork to manoeuvre yourself into a position for a knock out, and this is our philosophy with marketing. Small, consistent campaigns will open up the opportunity for that big shot, it’s all about positioning and timing.

An agency with an in-house feel – Our experience has come from working as part of in-house teams that function similar to agencies. Delivering and managing countless campaigns whilst working with third parties and content creators across a wide variety of objectives in the same way an agency would. However, unlike a traditional agency we don’t want to just deliver a campaign that looks good, we want to use marketing to develop your business just as an in-house marketing team would.

Sustainability – We all have experiences working with third parties who need a huge budget to deliver their campaigns, and once its done they leave with no legacy in place. At Ocean View our objective is to deliver excellent value that has a lasting impact. No matter what your budget is, there are always ways to use your resources effectively, and we will help you put these steps in place. We also take environmental sustainability very seriously

If you’d like to hear more abut our approach to marketing, get in touch through our enquiry form for a free initial consultation.

Come and enjoy the view.

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