9 November 2020 Oceanview Marketing

I am writing this with incredible pride as we officially launch Ocean View Marketing, the culmination of nine years of study, experience and dedication.

Building a marketing agency that can provide support to our local business community has always been my dream, and with the support of a fantastic team we are able to make that a reality.

Three and a half years ago I moved down to the south coast from Oxford to join AFC Bournemouth, helping them build their marketing department amidst their historic run in the Premier League. Like most people in a new town I took my time to explore and acclimatise, often finding myself on the cliff tops around Bournemouth and further down the Dorset coast. I soon found myself visiting these spots on a regular basis, a safe space to generate new ideas and take myself out of the hustle and bustle of the football club. Being next to the water gave me a new perspective and created space when I needed it most. When you sit on those cliffs and watch the sea, before long you begin to notice things you didn’t know were there at first, a family on their paddle boards, a fisherman casting his line from the pier, a distant cruise ship on the horizon. The longer you sit there the more the landscape comes to life. Sometimes when we are consumed by our day-to-day tasks we find it hard to look outside of our immediate view. These hours watching the sea inspire me on a weekly basis, and it was this inspiration that Ocean View Marketing now wants to bring to businesses across Dorset and the UK.

Jump forward a few years and we find ourselves in a very different world, one being challenged by the effects of a global pandemic. Ocean View Marketing was created during the first national lockdown in order to help and support SMBs that could no longer afford to market themselves. Throughout the summer we have been fortunate to speak to, and work with, a number of business owners who have needed guidance more than ever.

With the support of our excellent network of suppliers we are now able to help more businesses and provide support through a whole host of marketing services.

If you are a business owner looking for fresh ideas and marketing support, reach out to us through our enquiry form for a free consultancy session and see how Ocean View Marketing could help you see the bigger picture.

Come and enjoy the view.

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